What is prayer?  We believe prayer is our way of communicating with God, not only speaking, but hearing from Him as well.  It is a way that we show that we believe in the power of our God more than we do the things of this world.  We replace worry, doubt and stress with prayer because the things we consider problems in our lives, are not problems for our God.  He loves us and as His children we are blessed to have an avenue to take things to our Father.  We also want to extend that to you.  We know that life gets a little crazy and sometimes we need to turn to Him in faith knowing He can handle it.  So how can we pray for you?  Below is the list of people that will be praying for you when you submit a confidential prayer request.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you in this way.
Pastor Jack Diehl
Bonnie Brooks
Pastor Corey Munsell