Coming to Cambridge Wesleyan Church October 23rd from 4-7 p.m.

What is Overcome?!

Did you know that if you are struggling with anxiety or depression or any other mental health issue this year that you are not alone?  Although these were struggles before the pandemic, the number of people struggling with these issues has skyrocketed.  Post-Covid, we are realizing that the mental health of our teenagers and school age students could have generational effects and we believe that something needs to be done about this.  According to Dr. Peter Newhouse, an author of multiple parenting books and CEO of Winning at Home, a counseling center in Holland, MI, teenage suicides have gone from 1-2 a year, to 1-2 a month after the pandemic in his hometown.  This is why we believe it is necessary to lead our community in combatting the issues of teen depression, anxiety, bullying, addiction and suicide by creating an event to encourage the teens in our area, but also to equip parents to be able to recognize issues in their teens and to know where to find help.  Although this is a one day event, we believe that it will have lasting effects on our community.  Meet our speakers below and see why we believe they can make such a huge difference in our community in such a short amount of time. 

Who Will Be There?!

Nathan Harmon

Nathan's message comes from a combination of a troubled past and a great desire to help others overcome many of his same struggles. In his younger years Nathan battled divorced parents, suicidal thoughts, self harm, alcohol and drug addictions, bulimia and eventually jail. Nathan is now over 11 years sober and wants to share hope and a successful future with others. With Nathan’s testimony, passion and energy but most importantly God's calling, he had been able to impact people with lifelong change in all walks of life.
Your Life Speaks was born from Nathan's desire to also see every person recognize their potential and cultivate real change. To live a life of meaningful purpose passionately. Nathan has a gift of communicating to all people no matter where they are in life. God opened doors for Nathan to become the top booked school speaker and one of the most sought out communicators in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and bring hope and encouragement to the next generation.

Trevor Heyd

As an Ordained Wesleyan Minister with a Youth Ministry Major from Indiana Wesleyan University, a Professional Skateboarder, an active performing Beatboxer, an incredibly passionate and gifted speaker, and a simple dude that loves to have fun, Trevor is a HUGE threat to the enemy.
With a fire in his heart to passionately preach Jesus uniquely and an undeniable calling to evangelize, he seeks to reach as many as possible with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.
Trevor has shared the stage and featured events with artists such as:
Jeremy Camp, Derek Minor, Bianca, Lisa Luby Ryan (I am second), NF, Israel Houghton, We Are Leo, Disciple, Beaver Fleming (NITRO CIRCUS), Wake Schepman (NITRO CIRCUS), Everyday Sunday ,Lights Go Down, Rend Collective, Elevation Worship and many more......
 Whether Arenas or Festivals, Youth Retreats, Conferences or Sunday Services, Public Schools, Block Parties or on the streets with a homeless person Trevor gives 100%.

Dr. Peter Newhouse

Dr. Peter Newhouse is the CEO of Winning At Home, overseeing all aspects of the organization’s operations including marketing, facilities, technology, and donor relations. Additionally, he founded and helps lead the Winning At Home Counseling and Coaching centers which have grown to over 25 professionals in three locations (Holland, Zeeland and Tampa Bay) offering services for children, adolescents and adults.  
Dr. Newhouse is the author of two books, Winning the Battle Over Abuse and Prescriptions for Healthy Relationships, and the co-author of Marriage on Purpose, The Necessary Nine and One Minute Devotions (a series of four books) for couples.
He lectures and speaks in a variety of settings, including colleges, churches, mission conferences, the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference and local businesses. His passion to support the work of missionaries and pastors has led him to serve as a consultant for Global Partners, a mission organization.  
If you are interested in attending OVERCOME virtually or in-person tickets are available here on the link below.  In-person tickets are limited so get yours early.  All tickets are $10 .

We believe this event can be transformative not only to our teens, but also to parents, families and our community.   We hope anyone that attends will take what they learn and take it back to their places of influence and use it to help transform communities.  We also want to make it clear that this event is faith-based and motivated by our love of Jesus.  Because He loved us, we want to take that love to our community and meet specific needs in it.  We also want to make it clear that we are not going to beat anyone down with the Bible.

What the event will look like!

If you have any problems with registering for the event please try using firefox or chrome browser and if that doesn't work register using an incognito or private browsing tab.  If that doesn't work email us at the email box below.
Whether you will be attending this event in person or virtually it should look pretty similar.   If you are attending in person, you will find that we have two groups.  At 4 p.m. teens will arrive in the gym and parents will move into the sanctuary.  We will start off with our break out sessions.  Teens will see Trevor Heyd, who will be sharing his beatboxing talent as well as sharing his story.  Parents will see Dr. Peter Newhouse who will be sharing what trends they are seeing in counseling of teenagers and the effect that this pandemic has had on mental health.  At 5, we will be serving snacks(please email us to let us know if you have specific dietary needs).  At 5:30 we will be moving back to our original locations.  Teens will get to see Nathan Harmon live and parents will get to see Nathan through a video feed from the gym.  After this we will have about an hour where we will have people available to pray for you if you would like to be prayed for or to talk about things that were taught from the day's information.

If you are attending our event virtually it should look pretty similar.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you a meal but during that time that everyone is eating at our location, we will have a countdown timer running to let you know when we will be starting again.   Our countdown timer will also be running videos letting you know what is coming next and give you a chance to eat something as well.

We do want to make it clear that we do not offer emergency counseling services and that for any emergency to please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255.

Why we need OVERCOME!

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