Live WOrship / Financial Support

We recognize that we are all together in uncharted territory as we face down the Novel Coronavirus.  We preach and believe in a God who sees all things before they happen and walks with us through them as we do the same for others.

By now, you all know that both the Governors of Maryland and Delaware have asked that large groups, including churches, do not congregate. Although, we will not be holding service  inside of  Cambridge Wesleyan Church we will continue to worship online through Facebook Live Stream and through Drive-through sevice . 

Please tune into our service using the link below:

Even though our church services have been cancelled during this time, we can still "be the church" and be a blessing to others.  It is also important for us to remember that our church still needs our financial support to run smoothly and to take care of business as usual.  We honor God with our time, our talents and with our financial support.

You can donate online (  Or if you prefer, you can send your donation to:  Cambridge Wesleyan Church, P.O. Box 553 Cambridge, MD  21613